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Typical Session


Time What Happens What you may be asked to do
8.45/9.00 Staff arrive.  
9.00 Parent helper arrives. Help set up equipment and activities. In the summer outside equipment will be set up.


Backroom Bees.

Work closely with a member of staff
Help children with activities i.e. help at craft activity, interact with children, in role play, construction toys, read stories.

Messy activities eg water sand paint.


Children arrive and choose their activities. Staff member marks children off in register and agreed with manager number of children in.

10.00 Back room open to all children.


Back room close start setting up for snack time.

Help and encourage children with tiding up.
10.40 Tidy up music goes on.
10.50 Children sit on mat while register is called and the children are then split into their groups. For snack and small group time. Help with snack or small group time or wash up in kitchen tidy away first session toys.
11.30 Children continue with activities for the second half, either in the main hall or outside. Help get out 2nd half equipment, play and interact with children.
12.10 Tidy up music goes on again. Help and encourage tidy up time.
12.15 Children go back into their groups for story and circle time. Either help the staff tidy away all equipment or can read a story to one of the groups.
12.30 Home time.